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  • Bisecting Regressions in Fedora Silverblue

    Bisecting Regressions in Fedora Silverblue

    I wrote a blog post on a real-life experience of bisecting regressions in Fedora Silverblue.

  • Increase Reader Engagement with ActivityPub Plugin

    Increase Reader Engagement with ActivityPub Plugin

    Do you have a blog running on WordPress and are you in the Fediverse? You might want to try the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress to increase reader engagement.

  • Vivaldi Is Available on Flathub

    Vivaldi Is Available on Flathub

    The Vivaldi browser is now available on Flathub and you can easily install it even on OSes such as Silverblue.

  • Linux Desktop Migration Tool 1.3

    Linux Desktop Migration Tool 1.3

    I made another release of Linux Desktop Migration Tool. This release includes migration of various secrets and certificates.

  • Nextcloud as Personal Cloud

    Nextcloud as Personal Cloud

    I have been using Nextcloud for personal use for 7 years. In this article I have written about the things I use it for and my experience with them.

  • New Home

    New Home

    After 12 years on this blog has found a new home on my server and on my domain. It also has new design and is part of Fediverse.

  • Linux Desktop Migration Tool

    When I got a new work laptop in July I decided that after all these years on Linux and countless hardware refreshes it was time to finally automate the data migration. I looked around and asked around, so that I could build on something instead of starting from scratch. But all I found were very…

  • Help Us Test Evolution

    It was not an easy task to make Evolution run nicely as a flatpak, but Milan Crha managed to do it and we’ve been fine-tuning it for the last 3 years. There are still some use cases that don’t fully work in a flatpak, but they don’t affect most users. Evolution has established itself well…

  • How is Linux used by FIT BUT students

    The Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology is one of the two top computer science schools in Brno, Czech Republic. Our development office of Red Hat has intensive cooperation with them including educating students about Linux and open source software. To find out more about how they use Linux, we ran a…

  • Account Verification: from Mastodon to CzechPoint

    When Twitter’s account verification policy began to change late last year, a debate about how to do identity verification for online accounts stirred. As I found out, the way Mastodon does it is surprisingly elegant. Previously, Twitter had a verification process for high-profile accounts (politicians, journalists, etc.). I honestly don’t know what that verification entailed,…