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Linux Desktop Migration Tool 1.3


I made another release of Linux Desktop Migration Tool. This release includes migration of various secrets and certificates.

It can now migrate PKI certificates and the shared NSS database. It also exports, copies over, and imports existing GPG keys, ssh certificates and settings, migrates GNOME Online Accounts and the GNOME keyring.

For security reasons libsecret has no API to change a keyring password. So I thought that I would have to instruct the users to do it manually in Seahorse after the migration, but I was happy to learn that after you open the Login keyring (and most users only has this one) with the old password, it automatically changes it to the current user’s password. So after logging in you’re prompted to type the old password and that’s it.

After the migration, I opened Evolution and everything was ready. All messages were there, all GOA accounts set up, it didn’t prompt me for passwords, my electronic signature certificate and GPG keys were also there to sign my messages.

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  1. Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD" Avatar

    @brnohat Hadn't run into this, looks awesome!

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