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New Home

A house made of small wooden bricks on a lawn.

After 12 years on I decided to move my blog to my own server. Ads on free tier blogs were getting more and more ridiculous and I have a server with a lot of spare power, so paying for a premium plan seemed like a waste of money.

So the blog has a new home, on my server and on my domain, the new address is I’ve had a Czech blog at for many years, and the new address indicates that it’s an English blog of mine.

I’ve also redesigned the blog. It should have a new, simpler look, better readability. And it’s also part of Fediverse! If you use Mastodon or another ActivityPub service, you can follow and interact with the blog directly from there. If you make a comment on Mastodon, it will also appear here. Just follow:

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