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Vote in Fedora Elections!

Every Fedora contributor has a right to cast his vote in Council, FESCo, and FAmSCo elections. Please use this right and elect the best of us to those important bodies.

After three years of being the chair of FAmSCo, I’m taking a break from Fedora politics. Since I moved to the Red Hat desktop team, my focus has shifted more in this direction. In Fedora Ambassadors, I’d like to focus more on the “field work” in EMEA. I also maintain a couple of quite popular packages in Copr, and looks like now I don’t have to do an unbundling harakiri to get them to Fedora repositories, so maybe it’s time to finally become a Fedora packager.

I’m absolutely thrilled how many candidates are running for FAmSCo. I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t have enough candidates to do meaningful elections for 7 seats. But I was wrong! It makes me really happy because no matter have well you lead a project, you fail in the end if the project doesn’t raise new leaders who take over after you.

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