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Ambassadors Meeting Activity

At Flock 2013, I started extracting data from ambassadors meeting minutes to analyze IRC meeting activity of ambassadors in each region. I was mainly interested in how many people attend meetings. Of course, I returned from Flock and didn’t find time to finish it until now.

On the chart below you can see number of participants of ambassadors meetings in each region. Because there are different numbers of meetings, I made an average number for each month, so that I could compare them. The chart starts in January 2012 and ends in July 2013 because I didn’t update data when I got back to it, so it doesn’t include last two months. Although the chart is a bit cluttered, you can see some trends there. The number of participants in APAC was declining, but there is a sign of improvement in July. LATAM seems to be slightly going up. The best performing region in terms of participants at meetings is EMEA which has a positive trend, too. Unfortunately, NA has been declining from over 10 participants last year down to below 5 in July. Hopefully, we can reverse the trend in the future.

The average number of participants globally is 11.7 from January 2012 to July 2013. The average numbers for regions: NA: 9.5, EMEA 14.2, APAC 9.7, LATAM 9.4.

A spreadsheet with monthly numbers is here.


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