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Useful Tips for DevConf Attendants #2

I’ve got another load of information for those who are coming to Developer Conference 2012 in Brno:

It’s just one day away and some people are already here. We’ve improved travel information for those who are on their way to Brno. Mainly information about traveling within Brno. Now, you can find out how to get to Avanti Hotel, where most attendants are accommodated, how to get from the hotel to Red Hat Office (especially useful for those that attend GNOME hackfests and KDE SIG FAD).

There is one universal advice: if you need to get oriented in Brno, use our It’s based on Google Maps and Google Maps work great with Brno public transport system. All stops and stations are shown there. When you click on one of them, all lines that go through the stop/station are shown. And best of all: you can use Google Maps to find how to get from one location to another in Brno using public transport. It calculates you the best combination of  public transport and walking!

If you’re coming to Brno for more days (typically those who will take part in GNOME hackfests), you might want to buy a 5-day public transport ticket which costs CZK 250. There are several places where you can buy it, but the best one for you is probably the main railway station, where you can buy it at any counter (look for the international ones because they more likely speak English).

BTW our conference app has made it to Android Market. Check it out! Our conference schedule is also available in Giggity app.

There has been heavy snowing in the country in the last hours and it should continue on some places. If you’re coming by bus or car, there might be some problems (delays, traffic jams etc.).

See you on Friday! 😉

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