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Developer Conference 2012: SFP deadline is close!

As some of you may have noticed we started a call for papers for (Red Hat) Developer Conference 2012 several months ago. The SFP deadline is pretty close, now, but there is still time to think about it and propose a talk. The deadline is on Dec 23rd.

I have a few updates for those that don’t check updates at the event wiki page:

  •  There are already over 40 talks and labs proposed and the speakers’ names look really interesting: Jonathan Blandford, Matthias Clasen, Lennart Poettering, Kay Sievers, Jaroslav Kysela, Jared Smith, Tomeu Vizoso, Shaun McCance, Rainer Gerhards, Jaroslav Řezník, Hans de Goede, Bryn Reeves etc.
  • Two GNOME hackfests will be hosted by the conference. One will be devoted to GTK+ and the other one to GNOME Documentation. 20-30 people from all around the world will come to work on current issues in GTK+ and GNOME documentation.
  • We’re still looking for a Fedora Activity Day to host. So if you have a theme on your mind, let us know. We’ll provide you a room and maybe fund your team member’s travel expenses!
  • There will be a “Open Source Movies” session in the evening.

All talks will be deeply technical. So if you’re interested in Red Hat, Fedora, and JBoss related technologies, don’t hesitate and come to Brno on Feb 17-18th.

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