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Red Hat courses at universities – 2011/12

This is the first year when I organize Red Hat courses at local universities. We’ve offered several courses and students’ response was huge as every year. Most courses were full within a few hours. That’s high demand regarding the fact that all courses (except one) are absolutely optional and are not part of the study program, hence students don’t get any credits if they pass them. We’ve offered those courses this semester:

  • Python course at FIT BUT
  • Ruby course at FIT BUT
  • Python course at FI MUNI
  • Ruby course at FI MUNI (this one is run by the university, but we’re deeply involved)
  • Integration with JBoss at FIT BUT

There are roughly 100 students registered in those courses. That’s a nice number. The highest demand is at FIT BUT where both Python and Ruby course were full immediately. For example the number of students registering the Python course was 4 times higher than its capacity. I hope we’ll offer system administration courses soon, too. Red Hat Academy/Open Source University is about to start at University of Southern Bohemia and we’re working with several more (including FIT and FI) to start it. Moreover we’re preparing new courses such as a security lab. Exciting times for IT students at Czech universities are ahead 🙂

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