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Fedora News Channel on Telegram

I and Justin Flory have created a Fedora News channel on Telegram. It’s a new way to follow news about the Fedora Project and it’s supplementary to the news channels we’re already using (Planet Fedora/RSS, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, mailing lists). The Telegram channel is a one-way communication, there is no way to reply or comment on news messages. For discussion, we already have a Fedora group chat.

Broadcasting news over instant messaging is getting increasingly popular at the expense of social networks. The problem with social networks is that they filter more and more what you receive. Facebook does it drastically and has become almost a useless platform to share news with your followers unless you’re willing to pay. The official Fedora account has 56 thousand followers, but the average reach of our messages is  around 2 thousand. Google+ and Twitter don’t filter in such a brutal way, but Twitter is reportedly planning to “sort” your incoming tweets which is another step in that direction.

Anyway, if you’re using Telegram and would like to receive news about Fedora through it, start following our channel:

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  2. Tummala Dhanvi Avatar
    Tummala Dhanvi

    Thank You! for the info I have joined both the groups 🙂

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