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Automatic Problem Reporting in F22

I regularly go through most frequent problems reported to ABRT retrace server because it helps me prioritize bugs in Fedora that are assigned to my team. I think ABRT service is great for developers to prioritize their bugs + it helps collect much more data about the crash than an average user normally provides.

However,I’ve noticed a significant drop in number of reports in Fedora 22. It’s just two weeks before the final release when many early adopters are already running F22, but the difference in number of reports from F21 and F22 is huge: 64373:904.

12 days before F21 was released, we collected 16081 reports from this version. That’s almost 18x more. I don’t think we’re experiencing such a huge drop in adoption, so I investigated more…

…and learned that GNOME Control Center got a new privacy setting in F22: Problem reporting. And if you upgrade from Fedora 21 automatic crash reporting is disabled even though you had it enabled before the upgrade. To make it even more confusing if you go ABRT settings automatic reporting is enabled there. That’s because the setting in GNOME Control Center serves as a master setting that overrides settings in ABRT. So if you have upgraded to F22 and want to provide developers with very valuable data, please go to Control Center->Privacy->Problem Reporting and enable automatic reporting. Manual reporting is still possible from the ABRT app.

The ABRT team is working on a fix for this.

If you do a fresh installation, you should be able to allow automatic reporting in the Initial Experience after installation.

4 responses to “Automatic Problem Reporting in F22”

  1. Jozef Mlich (@xmlich02) Avatar

    How can I turn it on in mate?

  2. Gerardo Rosales Avatar

    Is XFCE affected by this?

    1. eischmann Avatar

      Both MATE and Xfce are affected by that. There is an update of ABRT waiting in updates testing which will allow to set it in ABRT settings again.

  3. C F Avatar
    C F

    My server 2012 started to crash in reboot loop.One possible reason is that autoreport. It always does it when
    i turn vuze on too. But of course that is just a possibility. I have to turn it off.

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