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EMEA sponsorship program for Flock

The budget of Flock is rather limited this year and it’s just enough to cover travel and lodging subsidies for speakers which is why the EMEA regional community decided yesterday to organize a small sponsorship program for EMEA contributors who would like to attend Flock 2014 that is going to take place in Prague on Aug 6-9 and haven’t received (and will not receive) any sponsorship as speakers. This program will allow us to bring more people from the community. And because the conference is taking place in Europe this year we can bring more people for relatively smaller money.

The overall amount of money allocated to the program is $2000. The funding limit per contributor is $200. The number of sponsored people is not limited and we will satisfy funding requests until we hit the limit of $2000. Candidates that have been actively contributing to the Project in the last year and have some work agenda for Flock (meeting team mates, organizing a “do” session,…) will be given a priority.
The program is funded from the EMEA budget and is intended for contributors from this region. Other regions are assessing their budget situation and might come up with a similar program for their contributors.

If you’d like to ask for a sponsorship, please file a ticket in the EMEA trac, mention your recent contributions to the Project and reasons why you want to attend Flock, and specify how much money you need (remember, the limit is $200).

The deadline is June 24 (12am UTC). The EMEA community has delegated the decision to FAmSCo, so FAmSCo will then pick the best candidates if there are more requests than the available funding.

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