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F20 release party in Brno

Fedora release parties in Brno office of Red Hat is already a tradition. We’ve been organizing them since F15 and it always attracted at least 100 visitors evenly distributed between redhatters and non-redhatters. But this time, it was a bit special because we also celebrated 10th anniversary of Fedora which is why we ordered a special and yummy surprise:


We prepared a set a talks. Jaroslav Řezník talked about the first 10 years of Fedora. We played a video with former Fedora Project Leaders and people could actually a lot of interesting facts from the history of Fedora Project. We also set a SelfTest session with questions from the history of the project, so people could use the information from the first talk in the quiz. The second talk was my traditional talk on new features in GNOME. When I was preparing the talk I realized there hadn’t been many large changes in the last release of GNOME which is definitely a sign of maturity. The third talk was on the graphical interface of DevAssistant (by Petr Hráček) which I find really cool. I wish something like this existed when I did my first attempts to program in Linux. The fourth talk was a bit shorter and Honza Horák gave us an update about the newest version of PostgreSQL. The last talk was delivered by Martin Holec who talked on Fedora on ARM and he showed Fedora running on a Cubieboard.

Before we all left for our homes, we announced the winners of the SelfTest contest. The most successful contenders could win a Fedora pillow, mugs, baseball caps,…

The release party was fund. Too bad that the next one won’t be earlier than in August.

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