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Announcing Fedora Day at

I’d like to publicly announce Fedora Day that will take place at Developer Conference 2014 in Brno, Czech Republic on February 9th 2014. is the largest Red Hat developer event in the world. The 2013 edition was attended by 700 people, there were over 60 talks and 30 additional labs and workshops in two days. Because there has been high demand for a winter Fedora planning event, we decided to extend into three days and make the third additional day a Fedora Day which should be devoted to Fedora hackfests and planning sessions. is an ideal event for this because there have always been a lot over 100 Fedora contributors at anyway.

There will be around 6 rooms (each for at least 20 ppl) available for us at the university on Sunday Feb 9th. I created a wiki page where you can add your session and hackfest. If you have an interesting topic for a talk, you may consider submitting it to Call for Papers which is open until December 1st. Talks will be on the first two days.

A new website for the 2014 edition of is yet to be finished. We’re working on that. When it’s done, you’ll find all necessary info about the conference there (transportation, accommodation, schedule,…). 2014 is held one week after the largest FLOSS event – FOSDEM. We picked this date on purpose, so that people from overseas can come for both events. Here is a planned schedule of events:

Feb 1-2: FOSDEM 2014 in Brussels
Feb 3-6: Internal Red Hat meetings in Brno office and hackfests co-hosted with (e.g. systemd hackfest)
Feb 7-8: Conference days of
Feb 9: Fedora Day

Looking forward to meeting you at! 😉

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