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There were almost 100 talks, labs, and workshops at Developer Conference 2013 in Brno. After the conference, we organizer a contest for best talks where attendees could vote for 3 favorite talks. And the results are…

  1. Bryn M. Reeves – Who moved my /usr?? – Staying sane in a changing world
  2. Lennart Poettering & Kai Sievers – What are we breaking now?
  3. Daniel J. Walsh – SECure Linux Application Container
  4. Lennart Poettering – The systemd Journal
  5. Leslie Hawthorn – Negotiation theory for open source hackers
  6. Lukáš Czerner – Local file systems update
  7. Václav Pech – Pick the low-hanging concurrency fruit
  8. Koen Aers – Raise your Java EE 6 productivity bar with JBoss Forge
  9. Lukáš Zapletal – Java loves Ruby: Katello on TorqueBox
  10. Jiří Olša – perf profiling

Congratulations to winners! We’re currently looking for the best way to award them because they’re from all over the world.

BTW almost all talks are available on Youtube. The most popular talks based on Youtube views are:

  1. Lennart Poettering & Kai Sievers – What are we breaking now? – 1345 views
  2. Lennart Poettering – The systemd Journal – 714 views
  3. Vratislav Podzimek – The technology beyond Anaconda NewUI and 3rd party extensions – 336 views
  4. Aleš Kozumplík – Hawkey and DNF: the next-gen Fedora Packaging tools – 292 views
  5. Tom Callaway – Improving the Fedora User Experience with Design Driven Methodology – 274 views

The most attended talk at the conference was “Lennart Poettering & Kai Sievers – What are we breaking now?“. The attendance in a room for 200 people was waaay over its capacity.

That was some popularity stats. Hopefully, we’ll have even more interesting talks who you’ll enjoy at Developer Conference 2014.

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