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DevConf is getting content and it looks great!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we started call for papers for Developer Conference 2013. The call for papers is on till the beginning of December, but here is a little tasting of what we’ve already gathered:

Kernel: Network Team Driver Project (Jiří Pírko), Local Kernel File Systems Update (Lukáš Czerner), Beyond the Experiences of Butterbloat, Have We Found the Cure? (Jesper Dangaard Brouer)

Security: Integration Linux System into Active Directory Environment (Dmitri Pal, Simo Sorce), Identity Management Roadmap (Dmitri Pal), RHEL 7 New Security Features (Daniel J. Walsh), openssh in Fedora and RHEL (Petr Lautrbach)

Core: Hawkey and DNF (Aleš Kozumplík), Package Management in openSUSE (Michael Schroeder), Using a SAT Algorithm to Solve Package Dependencies (Michael Schroeder), Software Collections (Marcela Mašláňová), Evolution of Linux Network Management (Pavel Šimerda), Power Management (Jaroslav Škarvada), BIND10 (Adam Tkáč)

Virtualization & Cloud: SECure Linux App Container (Daniel J. Walsh), OpenShift (Marek Jelen), Java Loves Ruby: Katello on TorqueBox (Lukáš Zapletal), DeltaCloud 1.0 (Michal Fojtík), Open vSwitch on Fedora (Thomas Graf)

Desktop: Creating Translatable Animation in Blender (Jakub Steiner), The Technology Beyond Anaconda New UI (Martin Sivák)

Other: Fedora User Experience (Tom Callaway), Open Build Service – Possible Use Cases for Fedora (Adrian Schrueter), Licensing+Licensing Tool (Tomáš Raděj)

JBoss: What’s New in Java EE 7 (Josef Hartinger), JDK8 – Under the Roof (Jiří Vaněk), Taming Beasts in Arquillian (Lukáš Fryč, Juraj Húska), Developing Mobile Apps with AeroGear (Lukáš Fryč, Ondřej Skutka)

We’ve started publishing introductions of the most interesting speakers at the conference’s website.
This is just a portion of talks that have been already submitted. There are also workshops/labs and short talks and we already have 65 submissions. But there is room for more and if you have an interesting topic, submit it!

There will also be other events during the conference. Several Fedora Activity Days are planned. Systemd developers already announced that they would have a hackfest on Thursday and Friday before the conference. RPM guys of SUSE will have a BoF with Red Hat’s RPM team on improving maintainability of RPMs for openSUSE and Fedora. GNOME Docs team will come to Brno to work on GNOME documentation for 5 days. And more is to be revealed!

BTW we’d like to hear what information you miss at the conference’s website to add it and make your stay in Brno as pleasant as possible.


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