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LinuxTag 2012


At the end of May, I and Jarda Řezník visited the biggest Linux event in Europe – LinuxTag in Berlin. Like last year, we were there to help at Fedora booth. The booth was a bit smaller and we had to share it with CentOS guys this year. On the other hand, there was a hot dog stand right next to us where we could distribute our “beefy miracles”. The area around our booth was very popular because we gave away vouchers for free hot dogs and openSUSE guys next to us gave away free beer – what a great combination!

Fedora booth was really distinctive this year. Christoph even took his Beefy Miracle costume and promoted Fedora in “street” of LinuxTag. Unfortunately, we didn’t have many media and stickers. But Fedora 17 was just around the corner and it wouldn’t have made much sense to give away Fedora 16 media.

Unfortunately, I had very bad digestive problems on Friday, stayed at the hotel room for the whole day and missed dinner with other fellow redhatters and fedorians.  As I heard I wasn’t the only one. Looks like Linux users are not as virus-proof as Linux itself 🙂 But it came quickly and disappeared quickly, too, so I was at the booth on Saturday again.

LinuxTag 2012 was a great event. Hopefully, some of the people who stopped at our booth will give Fedora a try.


 Fedora booth with a hot dog stand at LinuxTag 2012 (© jreznik)

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