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Videos from Developer Conference 2012

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All talks at Developer Conference 2012, that took place in Brno on February 17 and 18th, were recorded and we’ve started releasing videos. You can find them in our channel at Although provides videos in OGV format, too, I don’t know how to make them available to viewers.  If Flash player is banned on your computer you might want to go to where we publish the video in articles and include links to OGV files. The first article with desktop talks has been published there.

For presentation slides go to the conference’s wiki page. We attached there all slides we’d received.

  1. Michael Avatar

    On, have you looked at using the video tag ?

  2. Kevin Kofler Avatar

    Looks like dropped support for video downloads, multiple formats, HTML5 and all the other nice features from their UI and kept only Flash. 🙁 Yuck! I hate web app “improvements”!

    But a way to get at the .ogg (should be .ogv, but whatever…) is to use cclive.

    1. Jaroslav Reznik Avatar

      Yep, it’s still possible to download Ogg but it’s always sad when a good service turns into barely usable one 🙁

      1. eischmann Avatar

        Yeah, but what else to use? What other service would allow us to publish videos in OGG?

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