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Red Hat and Fedora at InstallFest 2012

I went to InstallFest 2012 in Prague last weekend and I must say it was a nice conference. It’s kinda small because it’s held in the training center on Czech Technical University’s campus where there is just one lecture room and two smaller labs for workshops, but it’s definitely an interesting event with student spirit. I wasn’t the only redhatter attending the event. Pavel Tišnovský (Java QE) had a talk on ARM processor and workshop on Vim. Both were crowded. I and Dan Horák had a joint talk. I spoke about what Red Hat Czech does for students and the community, how to get involved in Fedora (I emphasized Fedora Test Days which is a very up-to-date subject) etc. Dan continued with the topic “Fedora on ARM”. Our talk was quite well attended which was an improvement compared to InstallFest 2011 when only a few people showed up. Dan Horák continued with “Fedora on ARM” workshop where they discussed various topics about ARM. The workshop was full. It looks like ARM is getting more and more attention in the Linux community.

I also brought about 120 Fedora Multidesktop DVDs that (to my surprise) ran out very quickly. So did Fedora stickers.

I also talked with several people about venues for our Fedora 17 release party in Prague. Yeah, you heard that right, we’re going to have two release parties in the Czech Republic this time!


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