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Red Hat Presentation at UPOL

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I went to Olomouc to make a presentation of our thesis projects at a local university (University of Palacky – UPOL). Computer science in Olomouc is not as big as at technical universities in Brno, still has quality graduates though.

I didn’t talk only about Red Hat, but also about Fedora and contributing to open source in general. I think the best reason why to work on an open source project in your thesis is that the result may actually find users. The work you work on for months doesn’t have to be wasted after you defend you thesis. That’s what I pointed out the most. My presentation was followed by Lukáš’s and Libor’s presentation that showed students some of the thesis projects we offer. One student picked one of Lukáš’s topics right after our presentation and if everything goes well KDE Kiosk will get a parental control due to this student. Hopefully more students will find our topics interesting and more open source projects will benefit from their work. Every student could grab a Fedora DVD and sticker.

Me at UPOL

  1. kubiis Avatar

    Is it possible to find these projects somewhere on the web?

    1. eischmann Avatar

      It’s not yet anywhere online, but it’s not a problem to share it as a document:

      It’s not 100% up-to-date because students are registering thesis topics this time of the year and the number of available topics is changing frequently.

      1. kubiis Avatar

        Thanks for sharing, it looks interesting. I regred that I’m not a student 🙂 For an explanation: I want to contribute to Fedora Project in my free time (working as linux admin) so I’m searching project and the best way.

      2. eischmann Avatar

        This link might help:
        I know that at least Fedora QA guys would appreciate a helping hand with testing and I think QA is a good way to find out where Fedora needs help.

  2. lloyd irvin Avatar

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