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Software Freedom Day 2011 in Brno


We’ve decided to take part in Software Freedom Day that is on September 17th. We’re organizing a Czech edition together with “Linux in Brno“, a local Linux user group, and the event will be hosted in Red Hat’s office in Brno. We’ve already organized an event for public (so called Tower Talks) together with LiB in our office and it went well, so we’d like to do it similar way. I think there are already quite a lot of events that are focused on free software itself, at least here in Brno. This time, we’d like to focus on the practical point of view. So the program we’re preparing won’t be about software, but about its usage, practical advantages for users, influencing people’s lives etc. The talks should be rather discussions than monologs. Because it’s organized together with LiB it will be joint with monthly “Linux in Brno” meetings which will the second part of the program.

More info on the event’s wiki page.

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