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Desktop Summit 2011 with a bit of Fedora

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Last week, I and a bunch of other guys from Brno’s office traveled to Desktop Summit which took place in Berlin this year. ¬†We were interested in Linux desktop technologies, but also wanted to support our candidacy for GUADEC 2012. I also signed up for volunteering and spent the first three days as a session chair guy and could see what difficulties organizers encountered. The venue was not ideal and I must say I was a bit surprised that such an old university campus still could exist in Germany and it was even in the centre of Berlin.

We met many Fedora users there. Mainly among people, who are interested in GNOME development, Fedora is really popular. We also met several people who are active in the Fedora community such as Christoph Wickert and Sirko Kemter. I took a few Fedora DVDs to give them away at the summit. We placed them on one of the tables in the registration hall and they were gone in 10 minutes! Looks like I will have to take more next time.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get GUADEC 2012 to Brno. It was a bit disappointing for us because we had made a quality proposal and had a great venue which was really high-tech especially in comparison with the one in Berlin. But it’s life that doesn’t always bring success. At least, we’ll have more time for organizing Fedora-related things.Fedora DVDs on Desktop Summit

 Fedora 15 at the Desktop Summit 2011

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